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Testimonial from Mr. John O’Byrne, REPS farmer
Pat told me to apply for REPS4 even though I was in REPS3 until Sept 2009. His efforts have contributed €50,000 to my farming income over the next 5 years. He may be dear but he is good.

Testimonial of Mr. Peter Carbery, Tillage farmer
Pat Minnock has been my tillage advisor for the last 20 years, advising me on crops, fertilisers and sprays. He knows what he is talking about. Also he looks after my paperwork so I don't have to worry about it.

Testimonial of Mr. Willie Lennon, Dairy Derogation Farmer
Pat keeps an eye on all the Department requirements and makes sure I always farm within the derogation guidelines. If I have any query I can just ring him and he'll have the answer.


Testimonial of Mr. Eoin O’Toole, Tillage farmer
Pat advised me to farm in REPS. I'm now in year 2 of REPS4 and haven't had any problems. He takes care of all the records and ensures my REPS and Single Farm Payment applications correspond. This gives me great peace of mind in case of a Cross Compliance check.

Testimonial from Mr. Andrew Leeson, EU Schemes and Farm Succession
When I took over my Father's farm Pat made sure I kept all the Entitlements. He is a huge help with my Nitrates Derogation and makes sure my fertiliser requirements are all in order.

Testimonial from Mr. Joe Farrell, Compulsory Purchase Order
My farm was greatly affected by a CPO. Pat worked very hard on my compensation claim and I'm very happy with the outcome.

Testimonial from Personal Injury Victim
I suffered horrendous injuries from an accident. I engaged Pat Minnock to undertake my farming assessment and its implications on my farming life and income. Without his help, advice and support I would never have achieved the compensation I did.