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Tillage technical advice, Single Payment Scheme Farm Advisory System Agent

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Winter oil seed rape from a considered plough-up situation on  March to harvest yield achieved 1.8 tonnes per acre at 14% moisture




Farm Management Advice

Minnock Agri has provided quality technical advice to the farming community for the last 20 years. Pat Minnock’s particular specialist area is tillage and he is one of the foremost tillage consultants in the country. He keeps abreast of all the changes in legislation, technology and farming systems though continuous professional education (CPE). He is highly regarded in the Irish Arable Industry.

The current poor returns from farming enterprises mean that many farmers are now depending solely on their Single Farm Payment for a farming income. With likely significant changes coming in 2012/2019 it is now more important than ever to be familiar with and aware of all the implications associated with current farming practices and the potential for maximising farm income into the future.

Pat Minnock is in daily contact with many of the significant players in the agricultural industry and is a regular visitor to Brussels where he keeps himself updated on current regulations and likely future trends. You can be assured of the most up-to-date farm technical advice while at the same time obtaining an insightful vision of the possible future in relation to EU Schemes and payments.


SPS Farm Advisory System (FAS) Agent

Pat Minnock is a recognised FAS agent and is available to farmers who need help or advice on land and farm management in Carlow and surrounding counties namely Wicklow, Wexford, Kilkenny, Laois and Kildare,
The Farm Advisory System (FAS) is required by each member state under article 13 of Council regulation (EC1782/2003). The advice covers the Statutory Management Requirements (SMRs) and Good Agricultural Environmental Conditions (GAEC).

Pat Minnock is an approved agent and is listed on the Department of Agriculture’s website, under Rural Environment / Environmental Obligations / Cross Compliance.

Farmers requiring Nutrient Management Plans, Soil Organic Matter Plans and advice on nutrient matters, etc., are required to engage the services of a fully qualified FAS Advisor.