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Nitrates Directive (91/676/EEC) was adopted in 1991 and has the objective of reducing water pollution caused/produced by Nitrates from agricultural sources and preventing further pollution, with primary emphasis being on the management of livestock manure and other fertilisers.

The Directive became law on the 1st of August 2006. All farmers are legally obliged to comply with the Nitrates Directive. Minnock Agri have been involved in Nutrient Management Planning since the early ‘90s. The economic value of quality Nutrient Management Planning is measurable and should now be an essential part of farming practice.

This is a tool which, if utilised properly, will save farmers significant costs while at the same time ensuring their compliance with the Nitrates Directive.

Cross Compliance
Cross Compliance is a checking system implemented by the Dept. of Agriculture to ensure the link between EU support for agriculture and protection of the environment and the countryside are maintained.  Also that high standards in food safety, animal health and welfare are achieved.

Pat Minnock is recognised as an advisor with in-depth knowledge of all Cross Compliance requirements. He will assist farmers meet their Cross Compliance obligations. He will be available to appeal penalties imposed if he considers a farmer to have a significant case.