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CPO Compensation Assessments
Over the last 20 years many farmers have been significantly affected by Compulsory Purchase Orders, for such programmes as sewage schemes, gas pipelines, ESB lines, etc.  Minnock Agri has provided a comprehensive advice package to many farmers and businesses affected by CPOs and wayleaves. High levels of compensation have been achieved.

Over the last 10 years Minnock Agri have also been involved in many of the major road schemes throughout Ireland. Pat Minnock provides quality independent evaluations and estimations of losses. He has worked with farmers and companies in determining their losses.

Pat Minnock feels that while auctioneers may understand the value of land per hectare or per acre they cannot understand the actual losses farmers suffer from CPOs. The loss of parcels of land through Compulsory Purchase is much more than the loss of physical land and can have significant impact on the lives and income generating capacity of those involved.

Pat Minnock brings his widespread knowledge of farming to his assessment of the effects of land loss and the total impact of Compulsory Purchase to farmers and businesses alike.

Farm Succession
Pat Minnock continues to work in the area of succession, resolution of farm family disputes and disputes arising from marriage breakdown.

Knowing one’s options and entitlements is important as pre-conceived ideas about entitlements may be grossly inaccurate and be detrimental in the long-term.  Pat Minnock has worked closely with farm families in coming to arrangements in relation to assets, maintenance and succession.  He can provide initial suggestions/recommendations in advance of proceeding with the legal route.

He can provide expert advice for the individual, the family and to the legal profession. He brings his wealth of knowledge in farming enterprises to the negotiating table and his many years experience in dealing with farmers brings a practical dimension to the discussion.  He is personable and has the ability to work with warring parties in very difficult situations. He is fair-minded and accepted in the legal profession as knowledgeable and somebody who can obtain results.

He is sympathetic to the situation couples/families find themselves in and is totally confidential in all dealings with the parties.  In addition he works closely with the legal profession in determining a fair and reasonable division and agreement.

Farm Debt
In the current difficult farming environment good money management is essential for survival. Many farms are now unable to exist without their Single Farm Payment. If this payment is reduced or eliminated in the future, farms will need to survive on reduced payments.

Good money management including debt management will not alone save money but will also help with peace of mind. It is now more important than ever to operate good annual cash flow statements. Staying on top of your income and expenditure will ensure that you can react to difficulties as soon as they appear and by informing your bank of any likely hiccups you are less likely to incur the wrath of the bank.

Minnock Agri will help you create a cash flow statement for your farm. Pat will also negotiate with banks and lending institutions with you or on your behalf and will suggest a financial plan that is feasible, operable and acceptable to the bank