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Compensation Claim Report Writing
Pat Minnock has 20 years experience dealing with personal injury claims, road traffic cases and work related accidents. In addition, he has worked on contract disputes and consumer claims. Pat Minnock will advise you and provide you with a written report setting out the facts of the case and losses that have ensued.  His reports have been used in many insurance claims and legal cases for the benefit of his clients.

Expert Witness
Minnock Agri provide a full complement of services in relation to all EU and Department of Agriculture schemes. Pat Minnock prides himself on his knowledge of these schemes and his ability to deal with many of their complexities.  Minnock Agri has also dealt with many personal injury claims providing a comprehensive loss reporting service.

He has provided expert witness to the legal profession in court cases relating to many aspects of agriculture. His expert witness has, in most cases, led to successful resolution of the dispute