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In the current farming climate the greatest portion of income coming onto farm is from EU Schemes. Minnock Agri has been involved in all EU Schemes since the early ‘90s and provide a comprehensive advisory service on schemes. Pat Minnock will correlate the various schemes and their implications to benefit the applicant.

Many EU Schemes can impact on one another and a thorough knowledge of each scheme is essential if the maximum benefit is to be achieved. By understanding the various schemes and their implications many more farmers could substantially increase their income.

Pat Minnock will assess individual farmers and their entitlements and may identify potential for improvement. He will ensure that you are obtaining your rightful entitlements. Minnock Agri also undertakes appeals on behalf of farmers who have incurred penalties and lost money under any of the EU Schemes. Pat will work with farmers and the Department of Agriculture with a view to rectifying and minimising any potential losses due to penalties.

Pat Minnock is particularly strong on the whole area of Cross Compliance. He will assist farmers meet their Cross Compliance obligations. He will appeal penalties imposed.

2012/13 will see changes to the way EU Schemes will be provided and the way EU money will be drawn down. Pat Minnock is in regular contact with the Dept. of Agriculture and EU Officials and will be amongst the first to identify new opportunities as they may arise.


Basic Payment Scheme Online

The Basic Payment Scheme acts as a safety net for farmers and crofters by supplementing their main business income. To qualify for this support, you must actively farm your land. Support under the Basic Payment Scheme is available to farmers who are allocated payment entitlements. You can apply for entitlements based on the land you farm and the activity you undertake.

The scheme also delivers environmental and other benefits by requiring you to meet certain practices and farm in a sustainable way.



GLAS,is the new agri-environment scheme, part of the Rural Development Programme 2014-2020. GLAS achieves the objectives of Articles 28 and 30 of the Rural Development Regulation and ties in with the green vision for Irish agriculture as contained in Food Harvest 2020 and as promoted by Bord Bia in the Origin Green campaign. The scheme is green as it preserves our traditional hay meadows and low-input pastures; low-carbon as it retains the carbon stocks in soil through margins, habitat preservation and practices such as minimum tillage; and, agri-environment as it promotes agricultural actions, which introduce or continue to apply agricultural production methods compatible with the protection of the environment, water quality, the landscape and its features, endangered species of flora and fauna and climate change mitigation.


Bioenergy Scheme (BES)

Bioenergy Scheme (BES)The Bioenergy Scheme provides establishment grants to encourage the growing of willow and miscanthus for the production of biomass suitable for use as a renewable source of energy.  A BES application must be submitted to the Dept. of Agriculture for Pre-Planting Approval and the crop must be noted under the EU Energy Crops Scheme or Non-food Setaside Scheme on the SPS application.

Land Rental / Leases
Pat Minnock has farmers with land to let both long and short term and others wishing to take land, Minnock Agri match farmers depending on what is required.  A 1 year Rental Agreement can be drawn up, signed and witnessed.  For longer lettings a lease agreement is used.  These leases can be prepared by Minnock Agri.