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Minnock Agri provides a full agricultural consultancy service to farmer clients, businesses, local authorities and Government agencies.

In the technical aspects of Agricultural Consultancy Pat Minnock specialises in tillage advice and is one of the leading agricultural tillage consultants in the country.
We also provide expertise in relation to all Dept. of Agriculture / E.U. schemes. Basic Payment Scheme online (BPS), Glas training, KT groups.

This in-depth knowledge has been availed of by the farming community to help them manage their farming enterprises. Also Pat Minnock’s agricultural expertise has been availed of by the legal and other professionals to assist in settlement of disagreements and as an expert witness in court disputes.

Knowledge Transfer

Our KT Beef and Tillage groups have now had their first meetings.  Beef participants received a presentation on Quality Silage Production and Tillage groups visited different farms and viewed a variety of seeders, crops and sowing equipment.  Photos in our gallery.



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